Reminder: Maya => Blender => Three.js

AHHH why is it so difficult to export rigged model to Three.js?

This is a reminder post of how did I export with correct joint rotations.


[From Maya] – export selection as FBX, set Up Axis from Y to Z


[Import to Blender] – Scale up!


[Export to Three.js] – Select Mesh and export as Three.js. Geometry: also select “Bones” and “Skinning”. Type: choose “Geometry” instead of BufferGeometry. Skeletal animations: select “Rest” instead of “Pose”


[Import to Three.js] – Load with THREE.JSONLoader. Set “skinning: true” in material. Create with THREE.SkinnedMesh. And finally manipulate with THREE.SkinnedMesh’s skeleton.bones array.



[Stupid_Hackathon] Peep Rack / Intestine AR

(Update 3/1) It’s my honor to give Peep Rack a new name Intestine AR, granted by Stupid Hackathon.

For STUPID SHIT NO ONE NEEDS & TERRIBLE IDEAS HACKATHON 2017, I made Peep Rack, a head-mounted display for you to see the world through intestine, a.k.a. sphincter. It’s analog AR, the combination of Peep Show box and cloth drying rack. Made of wood nails, fragile wood sticks, transparency films, strings, and acrylic paints.

Because it’s transparency films, user can create whatever contents they want, and it’s sharable! Besides the sphincter, I also made a less practical one, containing different moods, scenarios, and functions.

<< clock, apps, map, life, reminder, target, curtain, snow, grass, ocean >>

5P Iteration_one

5P key values

  • daily based, multi user, interactions, physical

Iteration One


Users need to cooperate to live the life. Total 5 users: eye *2, nose * 1, mouth *1, ear *1.



All wear the masks, from waking up to going to bed. Camera follows the whole process.


Country doesn’t have all the resources, and the world operates by countries exchanging resources. This mask let users to experience this in an extreme way. After the experience, users will have unexplainable binding.



Eye – able to see the world, and can use camera to pass down what he/she sees

Nose – has fan attached to the belly, provide air circulation and can change the smell of the air

Mouse – has opening to get food, and pass down what he/she gets

Ear – hear “outside sound” with radio and podcast



A button’s desire and personality.


And this is the sound that button wants to deliver. It wants to share what it hears, and thinks maybe the sound can comfort the soul of all the other buttons.

WTD – 1

Wearable Electronics and Smart Textiles: A Critical Review by Matteo Stoppa and Alessandro Chiolerio

  • smart material – sense + react
  • biomedical!
  • Fabric-based antennas (cute)
  • bio-sensor!

Losing the Thread by Virginia Postrel

  • forgetting about textiles, remembering about textiles
  • to contrive function and beauty from the simplest of elements.

Interesting to think about what does “weave” mean – the idea of designing something with simple unit in a structural way to achieve something unforgettable.


My keywords: bio, comfortable yet strong, mechanical, puppet with emotion, readymades, armor


Mood board <3

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amplify the unnoticeable

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about how to identify ourselves – are we programmer, designer, maker, artist?

He said he was not and never will be an artist. He wants to make things that solve problems.

And I said “But my projects never really solved a problem. They are mostly fun and weird and just bring laughs to people. So I’m just generating useless and needless garbage to the world?”

The world is already flooded with media garbage and I’m just one of the contributor?

The thoughts depressed me for a few minutes, but that’s it.

I think I can just keep making something that amplifies the unnoticeable and stirs people’s minds. And maybe it would solve someone’s problem. Who knows? There are 7.4 billion people on the earth. And there are also animals. And there is also consciousness existing in the interstellar…


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