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First prototype (or maybe not just a prototype…) of MASK collection – Control Room.


It’s the kind of fantasy castle that a child builds up and role-play inside. The interior is rough and the space is tiny, but with the protection and imaginary friends, you feel less timid to the outside world.


  1. It’s a townhouse cardboard mask
  2. User is virtually in a cardboard room, and sees the real world through different windows
  3. The distance between self and the world is created, thus decreased the threatening feeling
  4. When you stay still, imaginary friends start to encourage you

Things I learned

  1. For improving performance of phone, reducing face amount
  2. Detailed model –> NO, simple yet interesting shape –> YES
  3. Texture’s effect is more powerful than model

Content test:

Imagination friend test


Fabrication process:



2015-03-02 00.46.272015-03-02 01.17.07


  • Normal, discarded cardboard is too thick… have to buy a good thin quality cardboard.


  • Scale up for eyeglasses. Too big unfortunately. Width between them will be perfect. One good thing is although the mat board is a little bit heavier, it’s not that big difference.


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