Tzina: Symphony of Longing

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Tags: animation. three.js. WebVR.

Tzina: Symphony of Longing is a WebVR documentary about people inhabited Tzina Dizengoff square, talking about their lives, love, and loneliness. The square was demolished at the beginning of 2017.

Created and directed by Shirin Anlen, the project invites the viewer for a physical walk to explore the square, to visit and hear the characters, at different times of the day. It’s made by Shirin, ​Ziv SchneiderOr Fleisher, ​Avner Peled, and me. Read more here:

I was invited to join the team in Summer 2016, to create the back-animation for the character interviews, which were captured with DepthKit. It’s a pleasant process to discuss with director Shirin, from her understanding of the people she interviewed and her visions, to my interpretation and visualization.

For me, it’s an interesting yet challenging task to maintain the balance of interpretation. I learned how to intrigue viewers without overshadowing the monologue, and am really happy with the result of magical feeling. I feel I might purposefully highlight the more lovely moment of each characters stories, and I hope I did a not-bad-job in the end to try to interpret their lives :)


Characters sketch



Process Stills

Animation Extracts

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