5P Iteration_one

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5P key values

  • daily based, multi user, interactions, physical

Iteration One


Users need to cooperate to live the life. Total 5 users: eye *2, nose * 1, mouth *1, ear *1.



All wear the masks, from waking up to going to bed. Camera follows the whole process.


Country doesn’t have all the resources, and the world operates by countries exchanging resources. This mask let users to experience this in an extreme way. After the experience, users will have unexplainable binding.



Eye – able to see the world, and can use camera to pass down what he/she sees

Nose – has fan attached to the belly, provide air circulation and can change the smell of the air

Mouse – has opening to get food, and pass down what he/she gets

Ear – hear “outside sound” with radio and podcast


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