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Control Room

  • The first mask I’m going to make is Control Room. The user is virtually in a small room and sees the world through different windows. It creates a feeling of controlling a robot, which is the physical form of self. The distance between self and the world is created, thus decreased the threatening feeling from outside world.
  • It’s also a space for your imaginative friends.
  • Possible purposes
    • Although hiding in control room, the user still hope to interact with others. Inside control room is just a way to deal with the social awkwardness
  • Appearance: Townhouse
  • Verb
    • User
      • Lives daily life, sees through different windows (passive v.)
      • Interacts with imaginative friends (active v.)
        • What kinds of interaction?
    • Others
      • Have few interactions with the user in general
      • Windows and doors invited to be knocked to start conversations –> not like small talk but have certain level of efforts
  • Features to have: multi-camera input, prosthetic limbs,


And here’s a video explaining what’s going on.


Touch Event

  • Copper tape extension
  • For other to trigger sounds, as part of the “An Afternoon Under A Mask” experiment


But then I found out it’s super finicky if I use multiple ones and extend them T_T



An Afternoon Under A Mask

– How does it feel to live daily life under a mask exactly? What’s the reaction of others? What do I hope to happen? I’m going to try to answer those questions on Monday(2/23).

Couldn’t do it because the copper tapes are too finicky..

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