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This week I did several small tests. Mainly tech stuff. And I found out that it’s really not easy to come out a good scenario.

Wireless Wooo_v2

Realized only laptop needed to link to itpsandbox to be server, and all the phones can connect to nyu wifi and access laptop server by going to laptop’s IP address. The whole world can access my laptop if they know my IP address! So crazy!! Mind blown!!!

Virtual Arm

  • Try to figure out how to get 360 rotation from accelerometer, and magnetometer of bluetooth TI Sensor Tag.
  • So far get pitch and roll from accelerometer, and yaw from magnetometer, but works kind of weird when using all of three at the same time. Works fine if just use pitch and yaw.
  • Bluetooth data transfer is not as free as serial communication. Might have to swtich to XBee/radio?  :/

W/ projector!

  • I bought a Slimport MicroUSB to HDMI adapter cable and tested it with projectors. It didn’t work with Samsung Pico project (HDMI to VGA to VGA 15pin), which is very small. But it worked with the medium size ones (HDMI to HDMI)! 

Control Room 2.0

Following the new strategy, get one done in detailed and change based on feedback, and experiment others freely, I chose Control Room as my target mask, since it already had physical form.

Things planed to change:

  1. Daily use
    • How can it integrate into daily life? Use it in front of laptop, use it outside home?
      • –> Only one window is remote view, others all local view
      • –> Portable home: always connected with your home. So you can see/talk with family members all the time, and your pets too
      • –> Open field option of relaxing escape for daily use
    • Based on feedback from user testing, people want to see the real world more(= see more windows, e.g. be able to see their hands if they want)
      • –> More windows to see more clearly
  2. More comfortable (suggestion from teacher Despina)
    • Smell good –> To do
    • Easy to put on, pillow in the back? –> To do
    • Aim for wearing for longer time, since it represents Home
  3. Interactions
    • Self: Based on where your head turns toward to, the things in the house react to it
    • Others
      • Open the door –> explode the house


  • Senario
    • T_T so difficult
  • Tech
    • Quaternion & Euler
      • “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  TvT” –> famous Fxck & Yeah moment
      • Spent almost three hours trying to rotate the body with quaternion, but only change rotation.y, trying to deal something looks like this , and then found out that Three.js has Euler FUNCTION that can just convert Quaternion to Euler for you. Just need the source quaternion and order of axes.
        • setFromQuaternion ( q, order )
          • q — Quaternion quaternion must be normalized
          • order — string Order of axes, defaults to ‘XYZ’
    • Head sync
    • Exchange views

As One

Idea Sketch


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