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The construction of this MASK fantasy is

  1. Purpose of the mask.
  2. What does it do?
  3. What’s the effect of it to user?
  4. What’s the effect of it to the other?

And the symbol  stands for under the category of SHELTER, and  for IDENTITY SHIFT, and  for THE SELECTED (probably).

Temporary result: *5, *6,  *3 (*2, *1 )


Here we go!

Block annoying person (ref. tv series Black Mirror) 
– Blur face, muffle sound / music volume goes along with the volume of environment noise
– Ignore the person without being noticed, decrease interference
– Able to finish the unaware annoying conversation, maybe irritated because the user is wearing a mask

“I wonder what he/she is doing now?” –> { Duet } 
– Geolocation as blinking sphere in virtual world
– Sense of secure, feel the existence of someone under Spatial awareness
– Under the agreement, the participant might feel being watched and surveillance
– Change perspective of the other when you want to, shorten the distance
– Less paranoid, less nostalgic, closer relationship
– People will know the user is missing someone

Not be afraid to talk to people/be social –> { Control Room } ▲ 
– Virtually in a tiny room, and see world through a window on the wall, like controlling a robot (= your physical body)
– To improve social ability, the wall next to the window having top 5 news of the day for conversation start point
– Can have multiple windows on the wall, and each windows show different views of the world
– The distance between self and the world is created, thus decreased the threatening feeling.
This is a funny guy. He/she seems know what to say. ???

Be an awesome listener –> { Awesome Listener } ▲ 
– Mask speaks for the user with single note yet different tune sound to represent the emotions e.g. “Oh” expresses “Yes”, “No”, “What?”, “Alright”, “Really?”, “Hah”. And the mask is made of mirror
– The user can keep on the conversation nonverbally
– The other has to guess what the user means by listening carefully to the single note sound, and analyzes to comprehend. Might be annoyed because of limited feedback
– Because of the reflection in mirror, and the universal sound as feedback, the other feels like talking to his/her subconscious. The other might have narcissistic moment during the conversations, thus will be attracted by the user

Stop comparing yourself to other people 
– Turn everyone “you”, replacing the head image
– Feel like talk to yourself, surprised when “you” say/do something unexpected, exploring the possibilities that you might have those hidden characters as “you”
– The other might has a “murmuring” conversation because the user is talking to “him/herself”

Provide protection from 
– Propaganda (of gov policy, commercial)
– Mainstream (fashion e.g. everyone wears black in NYC, brand, music, slang)
– Peer pressure
– For user, easier to maintain who he/she is
– For other, the user seems very unique and weird

Avoid judgement ▲ 
– Flash texts or audios to compliment the user, and the mask is made of mirror
– User’s confidence will be boosted up
– The other feels weird to talk to him/herself, might have narcissistic moment during the conversations, thus the other will be attracted by the user

Crave to be liked(as “Like” button of Facebook, opposite to block ppl) –> { Like Me }  
– Buttons on the mask inviting others to press, the user’s vision gets clearer once buttons being pressed, or it’ll gradually blur
– The user has to create conversations and interact with people in order to get clear vision
– The other has incentive to enter the conversation (because of lovely buttons!) and has fun

Story sharing anonymously –> { Anonymous Story  } 
– With virtual recording button, user upload the recorded vision and audio, just as writing blog posts. It could be a diary, an instruction, or a fiction of daily life.
– The user creates movies about the user self, effortlessly. And since it’s a POV, point of view shot, the user expresses self anonymously
– It’s an unconditional way to comprehend other by literally taking non-self perspective.

Be animalized to avoid having human emotions 
– Provide powers of different animals, flying vision with air fan, hear only small sound, see yourself with mirror rig
– The user express him/herself as the animal, freely. No moral burden as a human
– The other will be surprised by the unusual ability of the user. Might be scared. Might ask to use the user’s superpower

Escape from reality –> { Evasive Wander } 
– In virtual world, real world is just a standing screen in a forest, and there are other masked creatures wandering around
– User can isolate self completely in a second, and communicate with other masked creatures. Identify self as a group
– The other might feels the existence of two world, and one of which belongs to the masked people. Difference might be widen, yet the other might want to join the virtual world as well

Train to be used to possible future distorted perception 
– Providing experience of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
– Different kind of distortions let user to externalize the perception. Under the assumption that what he/she sees is not real, the user can repress instinct reaction and makes rational judgement.
– The unusual calmness of the user might terrify the other. Or the other might consult the user’s…

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