MASK_04 – Duet

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Fourth of MASK collection – Duet


It’s a remedy mask for two people who hesitate to talk to each other. Separated from outside world with the mask, users sit with legs crossed, face to face, and communicate with each other through smiles. It’s for the eager of communicating without seeing each other’s face yet still feeling the intimacy. In the virtual world, users are surrounded by huge monsters, who will help the remediation process.


  • Two-people, foldable accordion origami mask
  • Portable intimate space
  • Self-made surface mounted circuit board as Muscle Sensor * 2
    • One for each users
    • For detecting the muscle on face. In this scenario, will be used to detect Zygomaticus major muscle, which is associated with smiling


Content Test


Fabrication Process

Small scale paper testing (Thank Origami master Uttam for the help!) 

Then use mylar sheet for the final material. Got an angel helper Gladys!

Test putting it on two people! Need to add paper in the bottom part to increase the distance between two users, allowing the space for sitting with legs crossed face to face comfortably

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