Computer vision

  • Talked with Kyle McDonald
    • My project reminded him of anonymous hugging
    • Suggested testing different ways to max the performance, setting benchmark and see which part costs the most
  • Face detection
    • Use small canvas for executing face detection, display the image with big size of canvas.
    • From below test pics you can see, it’s much better to analyze with smaller canvas, but there’s no big difference between displaying big and small canvas, so for better resolution, it seems ok to display bigger canvas.






Greyscale + Blur

multiple faces detection, yet not stable due to changing lightness

  • Collect personal moment as taking photos –> accompany with you all the time to comfort you to confront unknown
  • Affecting virtual world


Wireless Wooo


Thanks to Andy‘s advice on hooking up localhost of my laptop through itpsandbox wifi, now I can run codes on mobile phone using laptop as server! (ps. It also works at home, just in NYU because of the security issue, using ITPSANDBOX is needed.)

*Note* It’s not advised to run server elsewhere (e.g. heroku, digitalOcean) because it takes more time to transfer the data back and forth. Localhost with laptop is the best option for proof of concept!


Paper Mache

–> Decide to do it after finalizing the virtual content.