MASK_02 – Hive

Second of MASK collection – Hive



It’s a community nest that connect people to overcome the distance. During the day, you walk and work as a worker bee. During the night, you come back to the nest and share what you got



  • It’s a honeycomb mask
  • Two modes (switchable)
    1. Resting Mode: User is virtually situated in one cell of the honeycomb
      • See and communicate with other people, just like a video conference
      • w/ Queen & Baby larvae
    2. Working Mode: User is virtually in the air, outside the honeycomb
      • Not like in Resting Mode, the camera screen will follow the head, so the user can see and walk
      • w/ Worker

To do:

  1. Activities & interactions
    • Resting Mode – Since it’s about living as a community, what will a community usually do?
      • Vote
      • Self supply
      • Recycle
    • Working Mode – Like honeybee, workers go out to collect pollen etc
      • Activities of worker bee
        • gather pollen into the pollen baskets on their back legs
        • create wax for comb
        • feed larvae
        • guard
      • Having a swarm of worker bees with you
        • assist you
        • protect you
        • accompany you
  2. When other people connect to the Hive, the certain cell of the mask will light up, otherwise in “breathing” mode


Content Test

 <– Worker Bee



leftover from laser cut

version 1

version 2 – mask

so many combs and mask of Frank! (Thank you Vicci!)