User Test_01 – NYC Computer Science, Opportunity Fair

SO, first user test. O_O

I took the house mask and few Cardboards with me. Tons of high school kids. Fun. Exhausted. Learned a lot. And here’s the quick-&-dirty note:

  • Multiple users is definitely much more fun than just one
    • Fun to look at each other
  • People feel interesting and WOW when looked at there hands
  • Audience played with the house when there’s an user in it 
    • Phone died so easily!!!
  • PHYSICAL <3<3<3
    • It’s special because it has a physical representative – House mask. People got it when realizing they are both physically and virtually in the house.
    • If choosing from Cardboard and house, people choose house
    • The acceptance to put their heads inside the mask is unexpected high

And also I found an important thing I have to always bear in mind. That is…


–> Scenarios for daily use
–>Physical forms and input
–>Not all by yourself, but connect to other people through VR

WTF Moment_02

“I don’t buy your story.”

What?! What does it mean?

It seems my “design for overcoming things”, a.k.a Introversion inclination, is not strong (might because I didn’t research enough to back it up), and can’t cover/explain what I’ve done and going to do. I know it depends on what I my main desire is. But I kind of don’t know it clearly enough now…

SO. New strategy! For introvert is my original motivation, and then it gradually becomes the process of experiment, and suggest different ways to incorporate VR into daily life, with the physical medium: Mask, in two categories: functional & identity shift.