Sleep Together

Sleep Together is a virtual reality group experience for people to use before going to sleep. In 60 seconds, participant (a.k.a. sleepyhead) will go through a series of breathing exercise, with other sleepyheads floating inside a big bird nest, breathing together.

I’m very lucky to make one of the 10 #veryveryshort projects, produced by NFB and ARTE, and co-commissioned by IDFA DocLab. The idea is to create something short yet sweet, because “Life is short, very very short.”

Continuing the idea of Daily Life VR – a WebVR series about life’s most basic and essential pursuits, I installed Sleep Together for the sleep aspect of life.




Moving Schematic


Extracts of Experience


And I’m also fortunate to share it with people in IDFA DocLab 2017 :)

Tzina: Symphony of Longing

Tzina: Symphony of Longing is a WebVR documentary about people inhabited Tzina Dizengoff square, talking about their lives, love, and loneliness. The square was demolished at the beginning of 2017.

Created and directed by Shirin Anlen, the project invites the viewer for a physical walk to explore the square, to visit and hear the characters, at different times of the day. It’s made by Shirin, ​Ziv SchneiderOr Fleisher, ​Avner Peled, and me. Read more here:

I was invited to join the team in Summer 2016, to create the back-animation for the character interviews, which were captured with DepthKit. It’s a pleasant process to discuss with director Shirin, from her understanding of the people she interviewed and her visions, to my interpretation and visualization.

For me, it’s an interesting yet challenging task to maintain the balance of interpretation. I learned how to intrigue viewers without overshadowing the monologue, and am really happy with the result of magical feeling. I feel I might purposefully highlight the more lovely moment of each characters stories, and I hope I did a not-bad-job in the end to try to interpret their lives :)


Characters sketch



Process Stills

Animation Extracts

Reminder: Maya => Blender => Three.js

AHHH why is it so difficult to export rigged model to Three.js?

This is a reminder post of how did I export with correct joint rotations.


[From Maya] – export selection as FBX, set Up Axis from Y to Z


[Import to Blender] – Scale up!


[Export to Three.js] – Select Mesh and export as Three.js. Geometry: also select “Bones” and “Skinning”. Type: choose “Geometry” instead of BufferGeometry. Skeletal animations: select “Rest” instead of “Pose”


[Import to Three.js] – Load with THREE.JSONLoader. Set “skinning: true” in material. Create with THREE.SkinnedMesh. And finally manipulate with THREE.SkinnedMesh’s skeleton.bones array.




{currently works with Chrome and Firefox browser}

For the composition assignment the final of Coding for Emotional Impact class, I want to create something with multiple layers and is self-explained. Inspired by the description of computer vision is a rabbit hole from Andy(because I’m learning Three.js by myself recently), I wanted to make a game about “Rabbit Hole”, and my biggest assumption is that everyone is sort of down the rabbit hole.

ps. It’s not really a fun game to play. Still confusing should it be fun to play or just an emotion-building nowhere…

– Title
Rabbit Hole
– Environment
environment     environment2
– Audience
Whoever also down the rabbit hole or wonder how it feel down there.
– Narrative arc
Rabbit HoleMetaphor for the conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. Infinitesimally deep and complex, venturing too far down is probably not that great of an idea.

Literary Nonsense- has no system of logic, although it may imply the existence of an inscrutable one, just beyond our grasp.

And below are three snapshots of what I’ve built so far. I made my own models in Maya and drew textures in Photoshop. Can’t view online because of some web-related issue I can’t solve to load the music(SOLVED_by hard coding the url of music file path). But have no ideas how to do the transition from scene to scene…




Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.26.14 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 10.27.30 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.44.00 PM











( Three.js + web stuff ) == super deep rabbit hole.