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After talking to Gabe, I knew it’s time to force myself to answer hard question to find the motivation.


Why Nonsense?

The origin of the idea arose from the research of phrase “down the rabbit hole”, leading me to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, of Literature Nonsense, which deeply inspired me with its description:

… The nonsense world, on the other hand, has no system of logic, although it may imply the existence of an inscrutable one, just beyond our grasp.

Invisible, obscure logic, ridiculous but not annoyed. Bumping into this kind of things is like having current to flow from bottom to top of my body, and dipping my brain into bubbling soda. Nonsense is an indispensable catalyst to daily life.  Its open-ended character lets imagination grows. It’s how I got inspired and motivated, and I want to create Nonsense too.


Thesis reconstruct

After reviewing previous projects in ITP and seeing repetitive helmet related projects:

  • introvert
  • because of lack of confidence, afraid of ppl looking at my face (heavy self-awareness)
  • shelter / lense / armor to approach world → saver
  • as another identity → braver

And asking myself those questions:

  • Why ITP? –> Not only animation. Because ITP is more than pure graphics and that excited me a lot, e.g. Puppet class, Codes to make non traditional unchangeable linear animation.
  • What did I learn? –> Code; ability to realize the ideas both visually and physically; build stuff based on imagination; be social; quest for deep thoughts and share with others (but still not good at); be insincere; hug; loneliness control
  • What should I do but I didn’t? –> Be more social; stop avoiding conversations; stop being too pragmatic to choose classes; social hacking stuff to help ppl conquering social awkwardness
  • What do I want to come out with from ITP? –> Dream realization; the method how I conquer social awkwardness; positive impact like a seed; something funny, lighthearted, and weird.

Here I tried to depict a less obscure map for my thesis. Under the realm of Nonsense, I want to make something that will assist introverts approaching this world, and it can also be a channel to providing introversion moments, e.g. being isolated, observant, and analytical. Along with the description of introversion-extraversion on Wiki:

“… Humans are complex and unique, and because introversion-extraversion varies along a continuum, individuals may have a mixture of both orientations. A person who acts introverted in one situation may act extraverted in another, and people can learn to act “against type” in certain situations.”

My project aims to use nonsense contexts to let users experience the introversion, and also the transition between it and extroversion.

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